How To Order Pizza On Train? (Perfect answer)

How To Order Domino’s Pizza Using The IRCTC App While Traveling By Train

  1. Install the IRCTC eCatering application. Log in using the credentials that have been provided. Fill out the form with your PNR number and click “Submit.” Please choose the location where you want the pizza to be delivered. Select the pizzas that you wish to order and add them to your shopping basket. Please provide the necessary information.
  • You have three options for ordering pizza while riding the train. Place your order online at Please keep in mind that station-based e-catering will only be available at stations, not on moving trains. Customers have the option of paying for their meals either online or with cash when the meals are delivered to their location.

How do you order pizza step by step?

A pizza may be bought online using the official websites of the pizza establishments or through other meal ordering applications.

  1. STEP 1: Select a Pizza Delivery Service.
  2. STEP 2: Review the Menu.
  3. STEP 3: Selecting a Pizza.
  4. STEP 4: Placing an Order.
  5. STEP 5: Making Payment.
  6. STEP 1: Select a Pizza Delivery Service.
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How can I order MCD in train?

Passengers can submit their meal orders online at, by calling 1323, or by sending an SMS with the word ‘MEAL’ followed by their PNR number to 139.

Which app is used to order food in train?

Travelkhana is a mobile application. Travelkhana App, which is specifically built for passengers traveling on Indian Railways, is the best Indian Railway App and also functions as a convenient train meal order booking option for travelers.

How do you get food on a train?

Indian Railways and the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have official websites where passengers may book food aboard trains.

  1. 1Select a power outlet. Enter your PNR and look for eateries along your route.2Complete your order. Choose your meal, arrange your order, and pay online or by cash on delivery.3Delight in delicious cuisine. Take pleasure in your meal being served to your place.

How do you order pizza toppings?

Pick a power source. To find restaurants to eat on your route, enter your PNR.2Complete your order. Decide on your meal, arrange your order, and make your payment online or via cash on delivery.3Delight in Delicious Food Take pleasure in having your dinner brought to your place.

How much is a good tip for pizza delivery?

The following recommendations are made on the website With a $2 minimum charge for standard service, 15 percent is charged; 20 percent is charged for exceptional service; 10 percent or less is charged for poor service; at least 10 percent is charged when an order totals $50 or more. Don’t assume that the delivery fee, if there is one, is paid to the pizza delivery company. Inquire with the person who will be taking your order.

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Does MCD deliver in train?

During train rides, passengers may now place food orders from McDonald’s and Domino’s restaurants. It has been announced that the Indian Railways would launch a new service that will allow customers to order their favorite fast food and have it delivered to their seats. The required meals for these train excursions have since been made optional, as has the mandatory sleeping accommodations.

Is Domino’s delivering in train?

Yes, you may order a pizza to be brought to your seat in the railway car. Order your Domino’s Pizza online using one of the applications listed above and have it delivered to your railway station. Given the speed with which Domino’s pizza is delivered by train, it is high time that you fill your stomachs with Domino’s pizza when traveling by train.

How can I order KFC in train?

To make an order, customers will need to go to the IRCTC website or phone the toll-free number 18001034139. A partnership between quick service restaurant giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has resulted in the establishment of a delivery system for passengers aboard trains.

What is the best way to order food on a train?

Booking a meal/food through SMS: Passengers can order a meal by texting “Food in Train” to the number 8102888999 and then submitting the message. Customer service will contact you as soon as possible to accept your meal order. If you request food delivery by train, it will be delivered at the station of your choice.

What is the best food ordering app?

The Top 10 Food Ordering Apps are discussed in this section.

  • Zomato. Zomato is one of the most widely used meal delivery applications, along with Shupple and DoorDash. Brand Discovery and Shopping App Shupple – The Best Brand Discovery and Shopping App.
  • Swiggy. A large number of customers choose Swiggy for ordering their meals, as opposed to FoodPanda, UberEats, Scootsy, Dunzo, and Box8.
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What is train 3A?

Third-tier air conditioning, often known as three-tier air conditioning (3A) Passengers from the Indian middle class prefer to fly in this class since it is the most common and convenient. The third AC Sleeper features two compartments, each with eight beds.

Can we order food on train?

You may now purchase food for your train journey throughout India online in a more convenient manner. While traveling by rail, you may choose from a variety of selections from the food menus of restaurant partners and have them delivered to your seat. To reserve a meal on train, search for the train number or the train’s name.

Is food served in duronto in 2021?

More information may be found here. The Western Railway (WR) zone of Indian Railways has decided to reinstate onboard catering services with cooked cuisine in addition to ready-to-eat meals in Western Railway’s Shatabdi Express and Duronto Express trains for the convenience and advantage of passengers traveling in these trains.

Is food available in trains?

Following a stabilization in the country’s Covid-19 situation, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has chosen to begin serving freshly cooked meals on the Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, as well as the Duronto, Vande Bharat, Tejas, and Gatiman Express trains.

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